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Meet Ms. Fran

      Fran has been teaching swimming for over 35 years. She has worked as both a Red Cross Certified Water Safety Instructor for all levels and ages with current CPR and YMCA Scuba certification. Just a few minutes in the water with Ms. Fran and you will see why her students recommend her so highly. Her gentle approach to teaching safety in the water sets her students at ease. She is always in (and under!) the water with her students the entire time. She makes sure to maintain eye contact and works with each person and their unique needs in the water. She is an accomplished instructor, and has worked with children and  adults with traumatic water experiences and previous poor swimming instruction. They ALL learn to swim and love the water! 

 She primarily teaches one on one in the privacy of your own pool or in neighborhood pools, although she does offer her own pool in Groveland, Florida as an option when needed. She teaches all ages and all skill levels with great success and excellent references. If you are fearful of the water she can help you overcome this barrier to having fun and relaxing in the water!

     “I have developed a fun and effective swim program. Learning to swim in the comfort and privacy of your own pool is the fastest and most effective way to become a proficient swimmer. I can help you overcome your fear of the water quickly and train you to float, swim, and even snorkel… at your own pace. See how learning from an expert, who is gentle and understands your needs, can help you succeed!”