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Learn to swim in the privacy of your own home 

Fran Brender has over 35 years experience teaching children and adults to swim and enjoy safety around water.

Fran’s Mission Is to Provide a Stress-free Swimming Experience to give you peace of mind around water.

 Just a few minutes in the water with Ms. Fran and you will see why her students recommend her so highly. Her gentle approach to teaching safety in the water sets her students at ease. She is always in (and under!) the water with her students the entire time.


Over 35+ Years of Experience

As a certified Red Cross Swim Instructor, I currently hold my Coaching Certification and have taught over 4,500 people how to swim.


Professional & Friendly

I develop a personalized plan for each student and work with them to overcome their personal challenges. My methods are gentle and fun and I am always in (and under!) the water with my students.


Learn in Your Pool, or Come to Mine

Skip the hassle of driving and allow me to teach you or your child in the privacy of your home or community pool. For students who do not have access to a pool, I welcome you to learn to swim at my home pool in Groveland, Florida. 


No Age Restrictions, Anyone Can Learn to Swim!

I’ve taught a 96 year old
woman who wanted to swim with her great grandchildren and I’ve taught infants who haven’t yet learned to walk. It’s possible for anyone to learn to swim with me!


Schedule Your Lesson Through Text

Set up a schedule that works best for you and it can all be coordinated and confirmed through text! 


Discount on Bundles

Enjoy 10 % off when you book a bundle of 8 or more swim lessons. Only available for Private One to One Lessons..


I am happy to offer an array of swim instruction no matter your swim level. I teach basic, intermediate, and advanced swim skills and can travel to you, or you can come to my pool in Groveland, Florida.

Private Lessons

Learn to float, swim front and back, snorkel, tread water or improve your overall skill level with swimming. This is perfect for individuals who have no skill at all, or who are looking to level-up their skill and join a swimming team. 

Mommy & Me Lessons

Enjoy the water with your child as you learn how to hold, acclimate to the water, blow bubbles, breath control, submersion, floating,
kicking and paddling. We play lots of games and sing songs to encourage them together to enter, be safe, and enjoy the world of water.

Group Lessons

Great for larger families or learn with a group of friends. Everyone will learn together, how to swim across the pool, float, jump in and return to the side in deep water, tread water for 30 sec. and perform the crawl stroke. They will also learn the elementary back stroke with an introduction to breast stroke and butterfly stroke.

See What People Are Saying About Their Swimming Lessons with Fran:

“Fran taught me how to swim! I can’t believe I am now a swimmer. I nearly drowned as a child, so I was always afraid of the water. Fran calmed me down and showed me how to be safe in the water. For me, she was a miracle worker. I highly recommend Fran to anyone who wants to learn.”


“I learned a lot of things from Fran. I had to increase my ability to swim in a short span of time. She worked great with my schedule and helped me with all the questions I had. I’m a relatively quick learner, but the things that I struggled with she was very patient with. She has a great personality and a phenomenal ability to teach!”


“It is difficult to put into words how awesome Fran was, she was simply outstanding and in a different league to any other instructors we have seen. Her gentle calm instructions had my little boy go from being scared to get in the water to swimming underwater and picking up dive sticks in under four lessons.”


“Fran is a great instructor! My daughter 2 1/2 was afraid her first few lessons but Fran was so good at calming her down. She was great with my daughter, very calming, patient and soothing. We did about 13 lessons and she is swimming awesome! She can swim underwater across the pool and pick up her swim sticks from the bottom…” (read more)


“I am 30 years old and now know how to swim, words I thought would never be able to be applied to me. Fran is a for sure God send to my family and I. If you are an adult and have a fear of water or are looking for a kind and proficient teacher for your kids, Fran is the one for you. Her years of experience shine through in each lesson. My 3 year old, 1 year old and I loved her from day 1…”(read more)


“Fran is a wonderful swim instructor. She has a great demeanor with children and my son loved swimming with her. She will do whatever necessary to accommodate your location and schedule. She has a very calming presence and it was always a pleasure to see her. I highly recommend Fran for any of your swim lesson needs.”


Feel Safe and Have Peace of Mind with Your Family Around Water.

Lessons for the season are open now!

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